Friday, November 21, 2008

Stimulation with comfortable irregularity

I was in a Japanese dollar store in my neck of the woods, and I noticed a fun piece of exercise equipment:

Because the worry of the fall is not needed, the one not good at the balance ball senior citizen can safely enjoy exercise.


amera hearts said...

"stimulation with comfortable irregularity"

i'm not sure about that. how is irregularity comfy?

amera hearts said...

ps. just listened to pod cast 5. whoever told you that you cannot be allergic to gold obviously didn't clarify his answer. although it is probably impossible for someone to be allergic to pure gold, rarely is anything gold made 100% from gold. and by allergic i mean sensitive. your body chemisty also affect the sensitivity you have to certain metals as does the conditions you are in, i.e. outdoors indoors. i could go on, but he should have done his research. also the golden thong you were wearing was near a sensitive part of your body so i wouldn't be surprised if you had a reaction ;)