Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wacky Wedding Hijinx

Slappy is getting married this coming weekend, and Booty and I are heading out to his wedding on Thursday. As a result, we will be busy for the rest of the week with keeping Slappy from pooping his pants.

Of course Slappy's wedding is a joyous and wonderful occasion, but it also means that Booty and I have to come up with a speech. This will be nerve-wracking for all of us because:

1. Public speaking is scary
2. I have to try really hard to keep myself from saying something like "reverse cowgirl" or "hot beef injection".

Here's hoping that my speech at Slappy's wedding will be a winner.

Also Tasty, B-Town and I saw Maria Bamford tonight. Hilarious.


Ɯbermilf said...

I'm sure you can steal some speech from "Star Trek" and make it work.

B.E. Earl said...

Funny story...I was best man at a wedding about 5 years ago and I couldn't be bothered with writing a speech. But luckily I was reading a book where the President of the USA was a best man at a wedding and I liked his speech. So I thought to myself, well...I'll just kinda say what he said.

Turns out I said exactly what he said and my friend who got married brought that book with him on his honeymoon (who reads on their honeymoon?). He called me out on it as soon as he got home. Ooops!

Scarlet Hip said...

I think you should read a selection of some of your best posts.