Monday, October 27, 2008

A diabolical plot...

Tasty and I were reminiscing about the liquid nitrogen margaritas that we made a while back, and then we started wondering about other kinds of alcohol one could enjoy with the aid of liquid nitrogen. Tasty remembered an Everclear spiked watermelon he had enjoyed from his younger days, and then we formulated a diabolical plot much too evil to ever be carried out.

Liquid nitrogen is cold enough to freeze everclear. One could even make everclear popsicles with liquid nitrogen. Certainly, the idea of an everclear popsicle would be irresistible to foolish young fraternity brothers, and those with the fortitude to survive a frozen esophagus would be subject to the possibility of grain-alcohol-related blindness.

Blogosphere, this plan for everclear popsicles can never come to fruition. That is why I am posting it on this blog, so no one will ever read it!

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