Thursday, August 21, 2008

World Gambling Tour!

So I'm getting married in October. This usually means bachelor party, but the problem is I don't drink. This not only eliminates the inebriation leg of the bachelor party stool, but also undermines the stripper leg. See, strip clubs are designed for the drunk. I found attending one sober to be unpleasant and not something I wanted to repeat. The only leg remaining in the bachelor party stool is gambling.

Luckily, I'm Asian. And Asians love to gamble.

Instead of a bachelor party, I'm doing the World Gambling Tour - me playing poker with friends in some of my favorite casinos. Technically, it's just the Domestic Gambling Tour, since I don't see us making it to Canada or Aruba. This Saturday afternoon I'll be playing poker in Foxwoods, CT, and the weekend of September 6th I'll be in Atlantic City, NJ. Swing by, say hello, sit down, check-raise me. There will also be a stop in Vegas TBD, but probably an ex post facto event after the wedding during the winter.


jamwall said...

I love how your chips can be converted into several 12 packs of PBR.

Carl Spackler said...

can i be your "designated drinker" since you don't consume alcohol? i'll even give you money to gamble with as i pound drinks at the bar/strip club and then we can split the proceeds.

ps- is your Gambling tour stopping in the St Louis area? there are numerous casino's here.