Thursday, August 07, 2008

Stray thoughts

We're on a summer slowdown, what can I say? I'm planning a wedding, Jiggs is (I think, I need to check the calendar) nude cliff diving in Acapulco, and Tasty and Booty are working on a buddy cop show.

Watched the opening days of Olympic soccer. Disappointing start for the US women, but the men got a real fluky win against Japan. USA! USA! USA! I'm very happy to see Brian "Chi" McBride playing forward for the US. The general strategy for the US men is (1) have McBride move forward, (2) let opposing defender beat the living hell out of him, (3) earn free kick. I swear I saw a Japanese centerback break a folding chair across his back in the 70th minute. McBride just might be a cyborg.

Speaking of Chi, in college I learned that the Chi-Lites (hit song: Have You Seen Her?) were pronounced "Shy" as in Chicago's nickname Chi-town. I had always figured they were pronounced "Chee" as in the life-force of Chinese philosophy.

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