Monday, August 11, 2008

The Olympics are racist!

The crushing loneliness of the Blood Caves of Oaxaca has been mitigated somewhat by my little bat friend Consuela. Every time she returns to the caves, she brings news of the outside world.

Apparently the Olympics are taking place in China. She was astonished that I hadn't heard of them, so after she left, I beat my man servant for not keeping me better informed. She also explained that in the two days since start of the Olympics, two prominent African-American entertainers had died. Now it doesn't take a detective to figure out what's going on. Obviously the Olympics are racist, and they are somehow killing famous black men.

Of course, I immediately sent Consuela to the local internet cafe to type out this message of warning to my favorite actor:

Chris Tucker, head out into the country where no one can find you until the end of the Olympics! Take Jackie Chan with you so that he can fight off the bad guys! Please Chris! Your life depends on it!

Sent by my tiny bat friend Consuela.

1 comment:

slappy said...

And what if they go after Hispanics? Run, George Lopez, run!

Although if they take out Carlos Mencia, I'd be okay with that.