Thursday, July 17, 2008

Restraint is a virtue....

So I'm at a scientific conference right now.

As per usual, there's a social gathering every night where we all drink too much beer, take vodka shot with Russian physicists and say things in front of/about our bosses that shouldn't be said.

At any rate,

I was chatting this evening with a group of folks and a lady-scientist and man-scientist were discussing the scientists' soccer game (rematch) tomorrow, and who this secret star player on the man-scientist's team was (his absence Tuesday was blamed for the loss of the first game to the team the lady-scientist was on).

The conversation unfurled as follows:

"Who? Oh, Mike? he's around.."

"Oh, well, I just wanted to meet him and figure out what his deal was before the game.."

"Well, he's probably outside...should we go on a mike hunt?"

Here is where I got confused, because no one in our chat circle instantly erupted into laughter after hearing the phrase 'mike hunt'.

I myself would have burst out, but the silence made me take pause... and then I got to thinking...

Should I enlighten these clearly humorless folk?

I hardly know these people, are they really deserving of the level of wit I can bestow?

Should I be giving away my funny for nothing in return but their probable blank stares/shock and awe at my level of immaturity?

As I recalled an adage I once heard from a french prostitute who had a clown tattooed on her nether-regions, I realized the answer was clearly no:

"[Mike hunt] may be hilarious, but it ain't cheap".

Neither am I.

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Carl Spackler said...

i applaud your decision to refrain from telling those retards the joke behind Mike Hunt.

had i been there i would have said "Mike is probably outside having a cigarette with Al Bendover.