Friday, July 18, 2008

Me and my life are annoying

My life is extremely boring these days. I have nothing to write about. It makes me long for the days when I was trapped in a closet, and Jerry Caysey was writing everyday about stunt dicking. The blog was so vibrant then. Too bad I had to kill him with his stunt dick.

Anyway, I'm extra-special not funny these days. So unfunny that when someone yawns in front of me, I have taken to saying, "Someone's listening to 'Live at the Acropolis'!" You know... Because the person is yawning, and Yanni made the album 'Live at the Acropolis'...

That joke sucks worse than Yanni.


Ɯbermilf said...

You're more like peanut butter than like Yanni.

Carl Spackler said...

have you tried Peet's coffee and if so how would you compare it to another name brand such as Starbux or Dunkin' Donuts or whatever retarded coffee chains you have in the west coast? please respond in essay format. no more than 2000 words.

Carl S.