Monday, June 16, 2008

Lame duck president

I don't mean Bush, I mean me.

See, at work I'm the president of the employee association (EA), which is in charge of holding small luncheons every couple months for our cozy little 50-person company. Most of the EA is composed of people in their second year at the company, including me, the idea being that you serve a term on the EA, and then you just enjoy the lunches and such for the rest of your employment. Problem is that I'm here only for two years. I move next month. So it's very hard for me to take planning the big August summer outing seriously, since I won't be around. I'm tempted to organize something that sounds fun but turns out weird, like renting a carnival with a whole bunch of clowns.


B.E. Earl said...

I sense a coup coming on, Meester Presidente!

Watch out for the guerrillas. Or however it is spelled.

amera hearts said...

make sure to dig a hole big enough for the horses!

i am feelingyou on this one because i am on the "awards" committee, which is a PC way to say holiday party committee. i hope to have a new job by then if i stop being lazy and actually look for one!