Thursday, May 08, 2008

This blog is lame

Hi. It's Jerry Caysey again. Now that Jiggs is dead and I started filling in for him, it seems like there should be some changes around here. I mean we can all agree that this blog is lame. It'd be vastly superior if it was called instead. We can't mourn the loss of jiggs forever.

Also more of this blog ought to be dedicated to the art and craft of stunt dicking. I mean not everyone with a magnificent cock can be a stunt dick. It takes a lot of hard work and all the horse tranquilizers you can eat.

Also, Jiggs dying all of a sudden kind of reminds me of that whole "Paul is dead" thing with the Beatles. Except that the Beatles thing was a total hoax, and jiggs is totally dead.

I buried him with his cockfighting belt buckle this morning.


Ɯbermilf said...

You're not tenth the man Jiggs was.

slappy said...

You clearly haven't seen his movies.

jamwall said...

Jiggs was a real man. I know, I've looked down his pants.