Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Talented Mr. Caysey

I got into stunt dicking to pay my way through notary public school. Stunt dicking was shocking at first because my only knowledge of female anatomy came from my sister's barbie dolls. Say what you will about a boy's fascination with barbies, but at least they prepared me for fake breasts. Anyway, stunt dicking was quite lucrative even if the female parts were grodee.

And then in my fifth semester of notary public school, I was studying abroad in Italy. And that's where I was recruited to stunt dick for one of Jiggs' foreign films that was shooting on location in Rome. Jiggs really liked my work, and because he'd pay me in horse tranquilizers, I became his personal stunt dick, assistant, and notary public.

Of course being a personal stunt dick for a loon like Jiggs is extremely draining. For example, he kept calling me a "notary pubic". It was really irritating, and honestly, I'm not sad that he's gone. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to check in to see if their are any bids on my set of pornographic Burmese woodblocks. Thankgoodness for ebay!


Lee Ann said...

You must be exhausted!
Have a peaceful day.
Lee Ann

B.E. Earl said...

Jerry. How's the peeping? Jerry, how's the peeping? Jerry. Jerry. Jerry. Jerry. Jerry.

slappy said...

Watch your back, Jerry. Ubie and I are coming for you.

Scumbag said...

dude, you are so dead.

Carl Spackler said...

i got my start as a mental fluffer.

hey, since Jiggs is dead can you send me a pair of his underwear (preferably soiled) as a testament to our friendship?



Carl Spackler said...

and where the fuck is Tasty? is that bastard too busy to blog? you would think he would take over for his friend but i guess not.

Spinning Girl said...

This scares me a lot.

amera hearts said...

hm, i don't like you very much.