Monday, May 05, 2008

Support your local minor league arena team

From Manchester to Corpus Christi to Spokane, Arena 2 is sweeping the nation!

Went to the Manchester Wolves game yesterday and my voice isn't entirely back. The four of us tried to create a college football atmosphere, which involved a lot of noise on defense and general douchebaggery. Sadly, no profanity while heckling the opposing team since the Arena crowd is mostly families - I just don't feel right proclaiming that the Daytona Beach ThunderBirds are a bunch of whores with 6 year olds in the same section as me.

But you want to know what puts the "semi" in semi-pro football? It's when the owners decide to have special uniforms for the game and sell them off for charity. The jerseys the owners choose have one orange shoulder, one purple shoulder, green side panels, and a yellow design on the stomach. The owners match that jersey with the normal uniform pants, blue with a black stripe.

And the players can't say, "Oh, hell no!"


Carl Spackler said...

a friend of mine from high school tried out for an Arena League team down in Atlanta. he ended up shattering his knee cap and now walks with a limp.

slappy said...

Yeesh. Arena is a pretty dangerous sport since you're taking cheap astroturf and adding walls.

amera hearts said...

they have a team like that here in utah called the blaze. i'm pretty sure they suck, but the games are fun.