Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shout outs yall!

Some of you might remember that we made an episode of the 1919s dedicated to Miller Chill, a chelada style beer. Well the power of the internet strikes again and a youtube viewer of the episode made a rap about Miller Chill and referenced 1919 productions , sampling our vid. Around 1:15 you might hear a nerd saying, "miller chill is chilltastic." That nerd is me.

Anyway, thanks to lokithatricksta for their shout out. Your miller chill song is awesome!

One quick note about the rap: Like all good rap music, there is some swearing involved, so it's only safe for work if you have headphones.


fancy freelancer said...

I don't like "shout outs" or "doing someone a solid."

Actually, I don't mind "shout outs." But doing someone a solid makes me think of BMs.

amera hearts said...

"as in all good rap..." you call that good rap?!?!?! it was nice of them to do that for you though!