Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy Seis de Mayo

Yeah, we missed Cinco de Mayo here at the JiggsCasey.com, but I thought I'd make it up to our southern brothers from another colonial mother so I read the wiki on Cinco de Mayo.

I knew that Cinco de Mayo wasn't Mexican Independence day, and that it had to do with Napoleon III's (worst dictator sequel ever) invasion of Mexico. I thought it was when the Mexicans kicked the French out in the 1860s, but apparently not. No, it was just an early victory over the invading French army before Mexico got their asses occupied for a few years. We could at least celebrate when the French were finally defeated (February 5) or when they shot General Maximillian (June 19).

Hell, let's just officially rename it Coronas and Limes Day.


B.E. Earl said...

I remember reading somewhere that the French were allied with the Confederacy in the upcoming Civil War, so by defeating the French initially and eventually the Mexicans actually helped out the Union just as much as they helped themselves.

So we here in the US have a lot to celebrate on Cinco de Mayo. I guess.

Scumbag said...

fuck france.

slappy said...

Earl: Most of Europe was supporting the Confederacy (a big cotton supplier), but mostly staying out of the conflict. The French were chilling down there in Mexico for most of the US Civil War, but they didn't seem too interested in going north.

I think.

Scum: Too late, the Mexicans already did. Heyo!