Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday scattershot

A few unconnected thoughts for the weekend:

While hiking in New England, I've noticed that swamps/wetlands/marshes are always labeled as "meadows" on the map. Is this a New England word, like "frappe" for milkshake, or is it just marketing on the part of the park service? New England natives, help me.

I'm a little disappointed that my movie script got rejected. "The Robert Palmer Story: Addicted to Awesome" was going to track his meteoric rise to pop rock stardom. Mainly it was an origin story, where I traced the look of his videos to his early crush on that pale brunette with blood red lipstick you always see on beauty salon ads. In the movie's climax, he finds true love when he discovers one of the models can actually play the instrument she was given to hold.

I'm going to Manchester this weekend for an Arena2 football game. That's the minor league for indoor football. Players make $200 per game, although owners are allowed to also compensate players with room and board. So this is one of the few opportunities in American sports to see people who might actually be playing for a ham sandwich.


Lee Ann said...

I thought Robert Palmer was great. His music videos seemed to be way ahead of the time.
Have a great weekend!

B.E. Earl said...

I can't tell from the photo, but I remember that one of the ladies had much bigger boobies than the rest of them. And that she wasn't wearing much in the support bra department. And that she was bouncing around alot.

Um...I gotta go!

slappy said...

Lee Ann: His use of hot brunettes was pioneering in the industry.

Earl: Yup, that was one of the events that kick started my puberty too.