Monday, April 14, 2008

What I learned this weekend:

Every now and then you can fluster a poker dealer at a casino. Like when a large fellow deals your first winning hand to end a long losing streak, if you tell him that you love him and want to have his babies, that'll do it. [ed note: probably wouldn't be as effective if you are a lady]

On the subject of pregnant dudes, I read the BBC online, and have grown accustomed to their love of air quotes. Like saying: Crime in Glasgow 'worse than NY'. Well, when the pregnant dude story broke, the BBC had the headline: US man is 'pregnant'. But he was actually born a woman, so he has a womb, and they just stopped the hormone treatment to make it work again. So with all due respect to the happy couple, shouldn't the headline read: US 'man' is pregnant?

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