Friday, April 25, 2008

Game, Set, Match.

Uebermilf, you play right into my hands! I knew you wouldn't be able to resist responding to yesterday's post and outing yourself:

I'm sorry; did Jiggs say something?

Hi, Slappy. Wanna come put your head in my lap while I feed you mini-cupcakes and stroke your hair? You work so hard; you deserve some "Slappy" time.

My theory about how you worship me is now confirmed.

Sorry to tell you this Slappy, but you're being used. Women never say things like this unless they are trying to get something. And in this case, Uebermilf is just trying to get my goat.


Ɯbermilf said...

You have a goat? I was just thinking that I should get a goat, instead of using the lawnmower.

slappy said...

Also useful if you have a lot of tin cans in the yard.

amera hearts said...

interesting pet choice.