Friday, April 11, 2008

It's always in the last place you look

Hey, has anyone seen Jiggs's self esteem? He probably was reading someone else's blog and left it there, so keep an eye out for it.

You can recognize Jiggs's self esteem as it looks a little like Abe Vigoda's head on Joey Lawrence's body. In all likelihood it will be playing the guitar and/or talking about how large its penis is.


jiggs said...

That last post I made had nothing to do with self-esteem. It was based on the following:

1. our blog community is slowly dying away (as is expected) over time.

2. I don't think blogging is the fad that it once was, and so people aren't doing it anymore. The fad right now is social networking, and if you post content there, you have a built-in readership of your friends already unified with a place you go to normally.

Additionally, it's not clear that it's a bad thing if our readership dwindles down to zero again. Those early days were fun days of thoughtless posts designed to make us laugh.

Carl Spackler said...

i bet Jigg's self esteem is hanging out with my dignity. i lost that years ago.

perhaps the Blog Affiliates of Justice need to reunite.

Scarlet Hip said...

I miss our community as well. I know I've been wrapped up in my home search and my new job, and blogging has taken a distant 12th place. I miss those days of silliness and rampant commenting.

In other news, the Abe Vigoda/Joey Lawrence combo is going to give me nightmares for weeks to come. Thanks Slappy.

amera hearts said...

carl's comment made me laugh. that's good when i'm not in a good mood.

i don't knwo why jiggs wouldn't have self esteem. you all are hilarious! that's enough to boost one's self esteem a good 60%

B.E. Earl said...

I don't understand "social networking" and I hope it stays that way.

slappy said...

Jiggs: Ah, I see. I thought you had decided you had killed the blog. This doesn't mean we're moving to MySpace, does it? Fuck MySpace.

Carl: They're probably down at the bar chain smoking and drinking High Life.

Scarlet: Next year is the home search for me. Shame about us falling in the priority table, but at least I can still give you nightmares.

Amera: Jiggs should have high self esteem, because he's also pretty.

Earl: You and me both. I still say I'm too old for those sites.

Tits McGee said...

I vote circle jerk.