Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Groin Lantern

Those of you that are avid comic book readers or "superfriends" watchers are familiar with the superhero known as "The Green Lantern". The Green Lantern wore a ring that granted him power over the physical world. In effect, the ring could conjure up crazy ass-kicking shit, but for some reason, was helpless against the color yellow.

What about the possibility of the Green Lantern being turned into a porn? Of course, that would mean that his ring of power wouldn't go on his finger, but rather somewhere more appropriate... Perhaps his ring would also make him impotent against yellow. Although if this thought experiment proceeds much further... well it's either going to get really disgusting or racist or both... So I'll stop here.

p.s. Does golden count as yellow?


B.E. Earl said...

There was a very good reason why the Lantern's powers didn't work against yellow. It's the same reason that Superman has kryptonite.

Because DC decided to make ridiculously powered superheroes, and the only way they could think of to make that work was to create ridiculous weaknesses to offset.

But I'm sure that one of the thousands and thousands of Green Lanterns decided to make the ring of power a cock ring of power. Maybe Guy Gardner. Probably Guy Gardner. He was a bit of a prick.

Mace Elaine said...

You know, there are pictures on the internet of you with a groin lantern from Halloween 2006. I was going to link to them, but sadly they are locked away in Oz's archives.

TastyMcJ said...

cock-ring of power?