Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday excitement

Hey, Forbidden Kingdom is being released this weekend! Jet Li and Jackie Chan, together again for the first time. At long last we will get to see Jet Li's austere dignity play off of Jackie Chan's playful irreverence. I can't wait to see the integration of wire works and dangerous stunts. And to think, it's taken this long for Hollywood to pick up and distribute the film, which was filmed in 1992 at the height of both Li and Chan's careers.

What? It was filmed last year, while Li was taking time off from Lethal Weapon 5 and Chan was negotiating his salary for Rush Hour 4? Well, at least they didn't make the story center around some white kid from Brooklyn.
Son of a bitch.


B.E. Earl said... that the kid from Almost Famous?

In a martial-arts film? Huh?

amera hearts said...

oh god. honestly. you make me laugh!

amera hearts said...

oh god. honestly. you make me laugh!

i freaking hate word verif. i'm on my third go at it. ack!

slappy said...

Earl: I think so. He probably reminded someone of a young David Carradine.

Amera: I'm glad. I'm also puzzled - we still have word verif? I thought if you were logged in there wasn't word verif anymore.

But then again, I'm computer illiterate.

Ɯbermilf said...

It's the karate kid!