Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Free Tibet, or something.

I'm sitting here on my usually empty and quiet train, thinking to myself, "It's awfully loud and crowded today." For those that don't know, the Olympic torch makes its one and only appearance today in the United States, in San Francisco. The Olympic committee probably chose SF because of the large asian population. This is backed up by the fact that I'm currently surrounded by the dialog of 100 Kung Fu movies, and all the people are wearing "Beijing 2008" shirts.

However, what the Olympic committee seems to have forgotten is that San Francisco not only has the largest asian population in the country, but it also has the largest nutcase protester population in the country. Sitting right across from the "Beijing 2008" t-shirt wearers are the "Free Tibet" t-shirt wearers. As they got on, they were saying things like, "I can't believe these people support the olympics. Don't they realize all of those American tourist dollars are going to go straight to Sudan and Darfur!" Yeah, because those tourist dollars are going to be the tipping point that gives China the freedom to fund that sort of stuff. The billions of dollars we already give them though Wal-Mart are only used for good wholesome things, like sending us Chow Yun Fat and Yao Ming.

ps. The train conductor just had to get on the PA and remind everyone that there is only one bathroom on the train for 660 people, and they need to move quicker. It's going to be a hell of a train ride...


slappy said...

Is the dialogue dubbed or subtitled?

amera hearts said...

oh booty. you've posted!

and your post made me laugh. thanks.

oh and miss SF. too bad i'm too poor to afford living there!