Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let's talk about the warranty...

First we have the Silver Coverage, with the 75,000 mile/84 month extended warranty. It covers the entire car except for parts that typically wear out in the first 7 years. But if you close your door and it just falls right off the frame, that will be covered. Engine block drops clean out of the bottom of your car, that's covered too.

If you want to go to Gold Coverage, we'll also add a sealant over the paint job. The factory paint job looks good, but it's actually just a water-soluble fingerpaint. First rainstorm, it'll wash clean off and you're car will look like a DeLorean, but without the cool gull-wing doors. Our sealant is completely impenetrable to water, sap, bird droppings, hail, and small-caliber bullets.

At Platinum Coverage we throw in a theft deterrent system. It's based on LoJack technology, but instead of notifying the police when your car is stolen it activates the seat warmers and electrocutes the car thief. Much more effective than an alarm system.

But for my money I think you should go with the Adamantium Coverage. All the other programs just cover the car. But what about you? This warranty covers you against all forms of harm for 75,000 miles or 84 months, whichever comes first. Break your leg? Just come into the shop and we'll set the bones for you. I noticed you came in for the test drive with a real cute girl. That your girlfriend? Well, if she breaks up with you, we'll convince her best friend to talk her into taking you back.

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