Sunday, March 09, 2008

Chemical engineering to the rescue

A couple of my friends live on the bottom floor of a 2-story house. It's got a big flat roof that has a drain in the middle that goes straight down through the house. During the big rainstorm yesterday, the drain clogged and 2 feet of rain had accumulated up there, and was slowly dripping through the ceiling. The owner of the house (also a friend) went up to the roof and unclogged the drain. At this point several hundred gallons of water tried to rush down the drain (good) but a large portion of that flow started shooting up out of the toilets on the ground floor (bad).

Eventually one of the chemical engineers took a plastic kitchen sink strainer up to the roof and jammed it in the drain. That stopped the toilet fountain. Because we're a bunch of geeks, we sat around that night discussing the toilet fountain phenomenon instead of acting like normal human beings and going somewhere else to hang out. But I consider it worthwhile anytime I get to say, "Dude, you guys are totally going to get dysentery."

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amera hearts said...

this is classic.