Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Strawberry Alarm Clock Search Terms!

My inability to think of blog topics has forced me to resort to using search terms. Thankfully, we got some really random ones... So random that they could be used for psychedelic band names. Check it:
  • hooker repellent
  • there is a smell of fish when I turn the lamp on
  • franz kafka owl
  • kids terms of endearment poo
  • eat cake and worship satan
In other news, Will Arnett claimed that he started killing hobos. It's funny because that's what I have been doing for years and he totally ripped me off!


Tits McGee said...

I love you.

Lee Ann said...

invisible umbrella!

Ɯbermilf said...

someone came to my blog by searching "shriveled old dick pump fake tits."

I was #2 on Google!

Kat said...

haha ubie.

and no worries jiggsy. We all stoop and search terms are funny; it's the material itself, not where it came from. Wow. That was so uplifting!

B.E. Earl said...

Killing hoboes has been outlawed by the Hobo Zero/Extra-skin Dave Act of 2006.

You and Arnett better watch yo ass!

Spinning Girl said...

Does eating cake immediately imply satan worship? because, in that case, I am screwed.

jamwall said...

I always forget the hooker repellent!

Gravecat said...

Eat cake and worship Satan? I think that has to go down as one of the best search engine results I've seen so far. ;)