Saturday, February 09, 2008

Spiner? Haven't even met her!

A friend of mine has been harassing me by sending me links to various works by master thespian Brent Spiner. You know Brent, right? He was/is "Data" from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Well what our friendly space robot lacks in feelings, he makes up for in passable singing ability. Enjoy the tracks from his album entitled, "Ol' Yellow Eyes is Back" featuring such classic tunes as "Embraceable You" and "When I Fall In Love".

Unfortunately, he's no Shatner. Data's got a tad too much singing talent and way too much dignity, though if this youtube documenting the making of his second album is accurate, he does not take this venture into singing too seriously.

For a real Brent Spiner gem, though, check out this clip from when he was a semi-regular character on Night Court. The humor in the clip still holds up pretty well.

One random tidbit about me: I once knew the daughter of the executive producer of that show. Isn't that weird? Speaking of Night Court, whatever happened to Harry Anderson? He seemed like a promising television actor. Does playing Dave Barry in a sitcom destroy your life like I think it must?

One possible alternative title for this article: Next Generation of Suck


Kat said...

I used to fake sick just so I could stay home, eat cream of mushroom soup and watch night court.

B.E. Earl said...

Mmmm....Markie Post. She was rack-o-licious!

As for Harry Anderson, he was opening up a magic shop/museum in New Orleans a few years may be open by now, I don't know. I was down there with some friends, one of whom was a professional magician (everyone should have one of those), and we were supposed to get a private tour.

But we got dissed, and we never heard from him again. So fuck Harry Anderson!

slappy said...

I saw Harry Anderson on VH1 for the third or fourth incarnation of I Love the 80s. He seemed to be doing okay.

Lee Ann said...

I never watched Night Court regularly, but it was a pretty good show.
Have a great week!
Lee Ann

amera hearts said...

interestingly enough i just got through watching the first season of night court on dvd. a coworker gave it to me and told me, "it's gold!" so i had to watch and i liked it.

Tits McGee said...

I regularly get hits at my blog from people searching for "Markie Post tits" and "Markie Post bra size."

Also, the TNG episode where Data gets laid? Awesome.