Sunday, February 24, 2008

Movie Sign!

I saw an oft overlooked 2001 cult classic this weekend: Pootie Tang. It's a blaxploitation parody starring Chris Rock, Wanda Sykes, and about a half a dozen standup comedians. The premise is that the protagonist, the eponymous Pootie Tang, speaks in a weird Buckwheat-esque nonsense language that everybody (even Bob Costas) except the audience can understand. He cleans up his inner-city Chicago neighborhood using his R&B sexiness, a magic belt he inherited from his father, and the ability to dodge bullets like in the Matrix. You know, the usual story. As you can see in the following diagram, Pootie Tang spends a significant amount of its time in the rare confluence of genius, silly, and awesome.
Sa da tay!


B.E. Earl said...

The full title is actually "Pootie Tang in Sine Your Pitty on the Runny Kine", but the early screenings had people saying "Huh?"

Tits McGee said...

You think that just cuz a girl likes to dress fancy and stand on the corner next to some whores, that she's hookin?

slappy said...

Earl: So they cut down the title and released it and people said, "Huh?"

Tits: Wanda Sykes = hot.