Saturday, January 05, 2008


A little over a year ago we went to Vegas and Kendra explained that you cannot lose at the Wheel of Fortune slots. I of course did lose a $20 in straight sets - I don't think I won a single payout. Since then, whenever the subject of Wheel of Fortune slots comes up (more often than you might think) I call Kendra a dirty stinking liar. I'm not proud of it; I think I was just feeling betrayed that advice about a can't-lose slot machine might be inaccurate.

During this Vegas trip I was wandering around the Treasure Island with Jiggs, and we decided to sit down at a couple Wheel of Fortune slots and try a few pulls. Jiggs initially busted out, but got back on the horse the next day and won back his money. I managed to win $30, offsetting the previous year's loss and thus conclusively proving Kendra is right: no one can lose money on Wheel of Fortune.


Carl Spackler said...

did you see any celebrities while you were out there?

also, if the patriots win the super bowl and if the celtics win the nba championship do you think the city of boston will be destroyed after celebrating 3 titles (baseball, basketball and football)?

finally, with all the boston teams winning do you think its easier to get laid since all the chicks are drunk and horny ie- more likely to go home with the drunk guy who has been hitting on the all night?

Ɯbermilf said...

Carl needs some lovin'.

rethwyll said...

I won 750 bucks on a Wheel of Fortune slot. They can't lose!

slappy said...

Carl: I saw William Hung in the Mirage poker room. No joke.

I think that the peak of celebration in Boston is for the Red Sox, and much smaller parties for the Pats and Celtics.

If you're looking for drunken Boston lovin', I'd recommend hanging around Fenway Park during baseball season and looking for a girl staggering around wearing pink Sox gear.

You know, if you were into that.

Ubie: Sweet monkey jesus, does he ever?

Rethwyll: More evidence!

miss kendra said...

i am the greatest!!!

B.E. Earl said...

I also have won semi-big on Wheel of Fortune slots in Atlantic City and Vegas.

The trick is to never let them see you sweat. Right?

SignGurl said...

I always lose at Wheel of Fortune slots :o(

SignGurl said...

I watched your "GeiserHole" peep eating on YouTube.

I think I wet myself.

Spinning Girl said...

I am s_ pr_ud _f y_u!

amera hearts said...

carl, i am going to win money on this super bowl no doubt!

slappy, i would have to agree with miss k. no one i have ever known has lost on those slots!

i'm glad you had a ton of fun.

did you sing with william hung? that would have been a good video to record!