Thursday, January 17, 2008

Highs and lows on the week

Dear Expedia,

Have you really thought through your new ad where people come across a yellow suitcase with a discounted fare written on the side of it? Are you entirely sure that having people discover abandoned packages in public places is the best way to advertise? I keep thinking that there's a 60-second version of the ad where Homeland Security sends a team to detonate the suitcase. What was a corporate icon ten years ago today looks a lot more like an IED.

Dear Dennis Kucinich,

Congratulations on your third place showing in Michigan this Tuesday. Finally we have answered the question: "What would happen if every candidate abandoned a primary race and only Dennis Kucinich was campaigning on the ground?" Answer: Dennis pulls in 5%, enough for a gentleman's third place, only 35% behind "uncommitted."

Seriously Dennis, what kind of douchebag runs for president without any chance of winning? Oh, right. My bad. Carry on, sir.


Tits McGee said...

Lay off Kucinich. Any weird old dude who manages to score a hot redheaded wife half his age with a tongue piercing deserves at least a little respect.

slappy said...

Actually, I think maybe the reason he's running is to show her off to the whole country rather than just DC.