Monday, January 21, 2008

Comedic tales of comedy from Sketchfest -- round 1

Well, B-town and I just got back from an evening in San Francisco at one of the many Sketchfest shows (the annual comedy festival here in the bay area)... tonight we saw Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman present the young fresh faces of comedy, featuring our personal faves Tim and Eric (of Adult Swim's Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job and their previous show, Tom goes to the Mayor).

It was funny... but T & E were only on for about 15 minutes.... They came out in Papa John's uniforms and proceeded to throw pizza slices and an open container of that garlic dipping sauce stuff into the audience. One of the empty pizza boxes landed on my head, but fortunately the sauce-spray terminated a few feet in front of us. While this was hilarious, I'm sure it soured some of the crowd for the rest of their (albeit short) set.

Later on, Tim threw out another thing of sauce (unopened) that ricocheted off of my hand and then hit some poor girl behind us right in the face. Good times.

At any rate, the rest of the evening was also quite funny, Bob Odenkirk & Michael Showalter both had pretty funny sets; Jon Benjamin did an extremely dry but hilarious reading (that was lost on part of the crowd) of a story he wrote about being a 9 year old heroin addict/holocaust survivor.

I'm sure more news will follow this week, as Jiggs and I are attending a few more shows (including the Kids in the Hall next weekend)...


amera hearts said...

kids in the hall...amazing!

throwing pizza and open garlic sauce containers.....not amazing, in fact gross.

i'm digging comedy central at the moment. i loveed the guy who was on last night!

B.E. Earl said...

Love me some Kids in the Hall.

Being very jealous right now. :(

slappy said...

Can't say I like the Tim and Eric, but Jon Benjamin and Bob Odenkirk always bring the funny.