Monday, December 17, 2007

Reflections on San Francisco

San Francisco is a polite town. I don't know why. Perhaps it's the fact that when the temperature goes above 80 or below 40 it makes the front page. Perhaps it's the hills; people might be too tired to be rude.

I got a little disoriented when I was in the BART station waiting to visit Jiggs's country estate in Berkeley. There was this wall of people on the platform and it took a full minute for me to realize that it was a line. A line. In the subway/metro/commuter rail/whatever other areas call their regional rail. People had formed a line by each little black mark for where the train door arrives.

What really made it for me was on Friday the morning was a pleasant low-50s sunny affair, so I was standing out waiting for the shuttle in a dress shirt and khakis. A guy walking on the street yelled something at me. I'm used hearing things yelled on the street, but it's usually about needing money, the government monitoring people's brainwaves using HDTV, or my purty mouth. He yelled "Put on a sweater!"

Even the crazy people on the streets of San Francisco are worried about visitors catching a cold.


Ɯbermilf said...

You really should put on a sweater.

Protect your immunity system.

My word verification is an actual word -- INCUR.

Put on a sweater or INCUR my wrath!

B.E. Earl said...

Maybe your nipples were showing through your dress shirt.

Carl Spackler said...

did you yell back?

you should have said something like "Shut the hell up you booger eating moron!"

amera hearts said...

maybe he thought your shirt was ugly?

but i love the bay area and wish i could live there.

Lee Ann said...

I have always wanted to go visit San Francisco. Now I want to even more! Sounds like a great place.

Kat said...

We were in San Fran in early October and I saw everything from shirtless to winter coated...on the same day. So you fit in just fine.

slappy said...

Ubie: I protect my immunity system with my big ass gun. I am the NRA.

Earl: No, if that were the case he would have screamed "Hey, nice nipples!"

Carl: I should have yelled something like "Hey, nice nipples!" but I blanked.

Amera: The Bay Area wishes you could live there too.

Lee Ann: As always, I offer Jiggs's home to any blog reader who wants to visit. You can sleep in his bed - he'll take the couch.