Saturday, December 15, 2007

Reflections on 1919 Productions

I participated in my first 1919 session on Thursday when Booty and I visited Jiggs and Tasty in Berkeley. Together we formed a Voltron of Funny, albeit a Voltron with only one leg.

Having only witnessed finished products and never the process, I had a lot of misconceptions. For one, I never realized how much time goes into writing the bits. I figured we'd just bang out the sketches and improv with a loose outline, but in fact Jiggs has a team of a dozen monkeys which he has typing away for almost an hour to get the scripts ready. I never understood why Jiggs would get mesmerized looking at himself in the camera, but sure enough, when I started filming I got mesmerized by Jiggs too. I also didn't realize how much we have to film to get useful material. It's a slightly slower process than claymation (but faster than tastymation).

Sometime in the near future when Jiggs has a chance to edit, he'll post some of the session. It will have to squeeze into his tight schedule of eating cheetos and masturbating, but Booty and I agreed to bug him mercilessly until he does it.


amera hearts said...

that is awesome. can't wait!

ps. sometimes when there are a lot of mirrors around, i get mesmorized and can't stop looking at myself! ack!

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slappy said...

Our mission statement is to sell out.