Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Packing List for Vegas next week

  • quart of Lysol
  • two wallets (to separate gambling money from walking around money)
  • jar of pennies (for penny slots after losing gambling money)
  • book (after losing pennies)
  • pint of blood, B positive (for me)
  • pint of blood, O negative (for trading)
  • something sparkly
  • small bag of limes (to prevent scurvy)
  • teddy bear


B.E. Earl said...

You forgot the hooker repellent.

Or maybe you didn't! ;)

miss kendra said...


i wish i were able to go... money just turned out to be too tight- we're not even going for my friend's birthday anymore. =(

have fun though, and i will see you soon.

slappy said...

Earl: Most over-the-counter hooker repellent sprays are ineffective against Vegas hookers.

Kendra: Shame you can't make it. Want me to tweak Jiggs's nipple for you?

Lee Ann said...

Have fun!

jamwall said...

Dude, the Lysol and the lime comes in handy.

jamwall said...

Dead hookers are legal by the way.

amera hearts said...

i thought it read bag of dimes and i picture of one you beating someone with a bag of dimes.