Friday, November 09, 2007

Sixteen cents is two cents too much

Slappy, is not ready to increase your wage to 16 cents. It's not fair to our stockholders who expect me to run a profitable web-based hahas factory.

I'll give you 15 cents and free access to my collection of midget and clown pornography.

And for the record, the Lodi City Council found that held no liability for what happened there.


Übermilf said...

Slappy is the heart and soul of this blog.

Just try and write it without him.

I dare you.

Wait, is he the hat?

slappy said...

Ubie, for the last goddamn time, I am not the hat. Booty is the hat. Also a robot. Although in some of the early 1919 productions I do play a codpiece.

Jiggs, you throw in access to the midget clown porn, plus a hug, and you got yourself a deal. I'll be in SF the week of Dec 9.

Carl Spackler said...

i hate people who go on strike. i especially hate people who are part of unions.

to hell with them!

ps- its nothing personal slappy. i hope you come back soon. as Bet Midler says "You are the wind beneath my wings."

Übermilf said...

Well, to be honest, you are WEARING a hat. That is, if you are a yellow bear in a sweater leaning on a capital C.

Are you also the Hamm's Beer Bear? I LOVE that guy.

Also, I don't think the hat actually does anything. I think Jiggs should fire him and give you his share of the holdings.

Kat said...

How about 10 cents and a bag of christmas walnuts.

miss kendra said...

it warms my heart to see this negotiation.

slappy said...

Carl: Just think back to when you were in elementary school. Strike = holiday.

I am happy to be beneath your wings.

Ubie: I am not the Hamm's Beer Bear, but Oski can drink beer through his eye. It's true - google "oski beer eye".

Kat: Never ask for a bag of nuts from Jiggs. Just some friendly advice. I've been down that long and lonely road.

Kendra: We exist for two reasons - to amass a ludicrous fortune, and to warm hearts.

Scarlet Hip said...

I see scabs in the future of this blog. Big ugly scabs.