Thursday, October 04, 2007

What Tasty's watchin'

You know, the fall TV season is once again upon us.

I just felt it worthwhile to mention a few details of what I'm suddenly into:

1.) Reaper. Good Times. I vacillate daily on whether or not I want this on the CW. On one hand, no one is watching; it's on the CW. On the other hand, if I'm the only one watching, it's on the CW. Any fraction of America's Next Top Model's viewership has to be gold for that channel. That is to say, it's blowing the Nielsen's O-ring.

2.) South Park. This isn't a fair statement. I've always been into South Park. As a Denver native, the Colorado connection alone was enough to get me hooked back in the day. But seriously. This is one show I can say with 100% certainty has gotten even better with each passing season. Respect my Authoritay!

This is quasi-non sequitur, but this image comes up on google if you search for `cartman shit mom warcraft,` which I find humorous

3.) Bionic Woman. Hot cyborg chicks. A sizable percentage of the Battlestar Galactica Cast. Hell yes. Top rated new show. Double hell yes. Since this isn't on Fox, there's a chance I can get into it and it won't get canceled. Maybe.

And, of course, other shows remain in my Top 10. There are... well, 10 of them. But currently, Boston Legal remains in my # 1 slot. I really love this show. I mean. Seriously. Watch it.

At any rate. Conan is queued up on the DVR. I'd best go watch it.


Carl Spackler said...

i think we share a love of Boston Legal. did you watch this weeks epsidoe? i think that new British chick has replaced Julie Bowen's character. if thats the case i'm going to be upset. also, what do you think about John Larroquette being on the show? it seems to me that guy has been bouncing from sitcom to sitcom for the last twenty years (or whenever Night Court went off the air).

slappy said...

I think that's Rowan Atkinson's real baby picture.

The John Laroqette Show was awesome... until the 2nd/3rd season when they tried to make it more mainstream. One of John's friends thought he was Jesus. Comedy gold.

Ɯbermilf said...

They need to do a show about Carl's life.

I'd watch it.

Phil Cregg said...

hey man you need to kill your tv and turn on some charlie pride hell yeah.

miss kendra said...

i like reaper too.

i dvr'd pushing daisies, i'll let you know how that is...

and i like life, but that could be because i really like a) cop shows, b) conspiracies, c) men with red hair and d) that particular man with red hair. he was dreamy in band of brothers.

Carl Spackler said...

i think a show about me would be fantastic.

would i be able to play myself?

TastyMcJ said...

So yes, according to this article, it looks like Julie Bowen is gone. Which makes me sad. Though she'll probably be back in future episodes, one would guess.

I liked constance zimmer, too.

I think Larroquette could work out well. I've always been a fan.

Though, I will miss Odo.

amera hearts said...

that picture scared me.

and am i the only one that watches heroes? geez!