Saturday, October 06, 2007

Weekend roundup

I've been on blog silence for a while as I've been all-consumed by a battle of wits with ancient electronics at work. Needless to say, I've had my ass handed to me but I hold out hope for a gentleman's draw next week. A big box that makes a little plasma has been mocking me. This is what it looks like:

It's only about 4 blinking red lights from being a prop in a 1950s scifi movie. But I found out that it only dates back to 1983, so at least I'm older than it. When you open it up it looks like this:

Those big grey boxes are capacitors. Capacitors hold an electrical charge and are usually the size of a fingernail. I'm no expert, but by my estimation those are "slappy-killing" sized capacitors. I may institute the old electrical safety rule from grad school- someone stands nearby with a wooden broom handle. If I get shocked, use the broom handle to knock me off the equipment, then beat the equipment to death with said broom handle. Leave shattered remains of equipment in the lab as a warning to the other devices.

I was thinking about those "Reasons why beer is better than women" shirts, and that they need one more reason to be complete: If you hit a beer, you don't have to spend the night at county.

On the subject of Ukranian politics, why can't we have hotties like Yulia Tymoshenko running for national office in America? Sweet monkey jesus, do I love me some of that crazy braid-halo hair she's got going on.

Finally, the movie review of the week is Son of Blob.


amera hearts said...

hope you're joking cause she's not hottie.

she looks like she's an ice queen and i bet she's stiff as a board.

and your "old grad school technique"'s not that old because we do/did something similar!

Ɯbermilf said...

I think Jiggsbusters should host a Halloween special featuring this:

"According to tradition, a claim was once made that the shattering of a pumpkin frozen in liquid nitrogen and dropped from a sufficient height would produce a triboluminescent spark."

slappy said...

Amera: Yulia is the tastiest prime minister ever. I'm glad to see that all grad students play fast and loose with safety. One advisor told a friend of mine to "stand on a rubber mat and only use one hand."

Actually, that's pretty good general life advice.

Ubie: Is that like crunching a Wint-o-green life saver? Except a million times cooler? I'll have to refer that to the Department of Blowing Shit Up.