Friday, October 05, 2007

Search terms!

Guess who doesn't have an idea for a blog post today? It's me! It's me! Thankgoodness for search terms. I heart them.

"my room smells of fish" "my lamp smells of fish" "fish smell light socket"
: is the internet epicenter for fish-smelling furnishings.

"japanese satan" "japanese satan worship": Did you know that Japanese Satan drives a Toyota? He's really a company man.

"little known facts about bears": One little known fact about bears is that in spite of them being so large and hairy, they are often bottoms.

"whatever happened to the perfect strangers cast": Ironically, another little known fact about bears is that a large grizzly bear mauled both Mark Linn-Baker and Bronson Pinchot during a camping trip in 2002.

"nasty nighties": The nasty nighties sounds like the name of a roller derby team. Additionally, what does a sexy waterskier wear if not a nasty nightie?


miss kendra said...

little known facts about bears should be the title of your autobiography.

Tits McGee said...

fish smell light socket
i think that some mysteries
are best left unsolved

Ɯbermilf said...

this explains nothing.

I need pictures.

slappy said...

It's not that Japanese Satan is a company man; he just likes the gas mileage.