Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's just a theory

My arm hurts. I got a flu shot at work on Thursday. It's kind of weird since it didn't hurt when the nurse stuck me. She was like a ninja, she gave the shot like she was throwing a dart. But a couple days later my shoulder is sore.

It must be the tracking chip that the federal government puts in the flu vaccine. See, they generated all sorts of paranoia about thimerosol in vaccines, but that was so that no one would notice they were adding RFID nanodevices. I'm concerned about the purpose of the conspiracy, but I don't want to get the flu either. The flu totally sucks.


Ɯbermilf said...

the conspiracy is they infected you with the flu, instead of inoculating you against it.

amera hearts said...

sometimes the muscle pushes on your nerve or something when you get a shot in the arm.

at least that is what i have been told. now i get shots in the hip and they don't hurt at all.

Scarlet Hip said...


B.E. Earl said...

I wanted to google RFID nanodevices, but I'm afraid to.

Damn government tracking my internet searches!

slappy said...

Ubie: The bastards! As long as they don't infect me with the monkeypox.

Amera: The only drawback was that it would require me to drop trou in the company dining room.

Scarlet: You have no idea.

Earl: Just attach "boobs" or "nude" to the end of the string and they'll just think you're a perv.

jamwall said...

Did the syringe look like a ninja throwing star? Did the nurse hurl it at you?

Was she dressed in a stretchable black outfit and did it cover most of her face.

Just curious..

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ITSMPL <-- Its simple, you were attacked by a ninja.

slappy said...

She was actually throwing the syringe from across the room. While suspended upside down on a rope hanging from the ceiling.

But that's how all nurses in Massachusetts operate.

amera hearts said...

slappy, i would think you would have no problem dropping your pants anywhere!

slappy said...

Well, there's a court order that I'm not allowed to bring the sexy in public anymore. There were riots. Now I have to walk around in a burlap sack.

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.