Sunday, October 14, 2007

College Football Roundup

#1 LSU falls on the road to resurgent Kentucky. #2 Cal falls when redshirt freshman backup QB makes freshman mistake with 12 seconds left. I didn't feel good about that game from the start. Booty, don't make reservations for New Year's in LA yet.

Good news: Cal still controls their destiny for the Rose Bowl. Also, we can now start rooting for an Ohio State upset and the title game of the century: BC versus South Florida. The ratings for that game will be somewhere in the low teens. Did I say ratings? I meant total viewership.


Booty J Patrol said...

I have never seen more macho men crying than last night at the game. At least Tedford is keeping the class, and telling the press that the rookie QB isn't at fault for the loss, even though we all know that he is. Although I will say he had a pretty good first outing overall. At least we only dropped to #10 in the AP poll, still above USC.

slappy said...

I'm happy with Riley being QB next year or the year after, but he's a bit young still. Think Longshore last year at Tennessee or USC.