Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Belated Indigenous People's Day

Yesterday was Columbus Day, or as it is known within the city limits of Berkeley, Indigenous People's Day. See, the city council decided to rename the holiday because - let's face it - Columbus was one of the more useless explorers. They decided to honor "Indigenous People" because it was the most goddamned pretentious way to do it. Someone probably suggested Native American but someone thought that it made too many normative judgments.

Hey, these are the people that made a proclamation defending Tinky Winky's sexual orientation, whatever the Teletubbies' sexual orientation was. And they declared the city limits to be a nuclear free zone even though they host a national lab that does nuclear research as part of their damned mission. I haven't been paying attention to recent work by the city council, but I'm sure they've been busy trying to end the war or free Mumia.

On the bright side, a judge ruled against the protesters who have been living in trees to keep Cal from cutting down some trees (and planting 3X new ones elsewhere on campus) to build a new athletic training facility. They will have to leave the trees and go back to playing hackey sack in People's Park. But probably not before being arrested and beaten. I hope.


B.E. Earl said...

1. originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country;

Isn't there evidence of crossing over from Asia via a land bridge or something?

I'm just saying...

Other than that, it makes more sense to me than Columbus Day. Sure, why not?

miss kendra said...

berkeley is awesome.

slappy said...

Earl: Yeah, but Dudes Who Walked Across the Bering Strait During the Ice Age and Killed Them Some Mammoth Day doesn't fit on the banner. It does roll off the tongue though.

Kendra: And Berkeley loves you too.

Ɯbermilf said...

I won't be happy until there's an Ubermilf Day.

amera hearts said...

ont he bright side i had the day off while most other suckers had to work. ah, to work for the government....14 paid holidays a year!

jamwall said...

I was in a place where they actually celebrate Columbus Day.

Surprising because I'm from the midwest and they don't celebrate anything.