Saturday, September 29, 2007


Last night I went to NetBank to check on my bills, but it wasn't there anymore. The FDIC had a little notice that NetBank ran out of money and went under. What the hell did you do, NetBank? It's not hard. You take money from me, give me interest, loan it to someone else, charge more interest. Did you lose it all at the track?

If they made a sequel to Trainspotting, would they call it Trainspotting 2: Back in the Habit?

When did Bill O'Reilly become a parody of himself?

Why am I worried about Cal playing at Oregon? Because Oregon at home fights with the power of ugly.

Stay strong, Golden Bears. Don't fear the ugly.

Anyone remember The Next Karate Kid? Anyone? It had Hilary Swank. Review here.


Ɯbermilf said...

After reading the Bill O'Reilly story several times, I've decided I want to dress in my whitest, most conservative dress, go to the most snooty, old-money restaurant I can find, and scream out, "Yo yo yo! Where's my ice tea, mother fucker!"

Nick said...

I want to help, Ubie.


The GoldenShower Bears are going to lose their dumb stupid asses off.

slappy said...

This needs to be some kind of mass nationwide movement.

Nick: In the words of Granddad in the Boondocks, "Why are you laughing? I like gold. I like showers..."