Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Science Corner

So one of the energy efficiency projects at the National Renewable Energy Lab is working on air conditioning in cars. I've been told that the air conditioner in the average car is about the right power for a small house, because you get into a hot car and you want that quick cooldown. So they're looking at different tricks to make that more efficient. The freaky thing they built is a robot that sweats, so they can test exactly how hot/sticky/nasty it would feel to be in the car without having to be in the car. Plus, you get to give a lab tour and say, "Yeah, that's a robot we built. He sweats."

They hope that putting a chiller in the seat will let car makers reduce the size of the AC, because it's a hell of a lot faster to draw heat directly out of your back than by blowing cool air on your face. I think it's awesome, but future Mrs. Slappy thinks it sounds creepy, especially if the chillers were on the bottom of the seat too. I think it may be a gender thing, because in the middle of an August heat wave I wouldn't mind having my ass lightly chilled.

So ladies, would you be weirded out by cooling coils underneath your bottom? And gentlemen, would you find chilled balls unpleasant in the summertime? In the name of science, we must know.


elizabeth said...

I'm all for it. Like heated tush in the winter too. (princess syndrome)

Nick said...

Air conditioning is for pussies.

Booty J Patrol said...

A while back, I had a loaner Lexus for a while, and it actually had this seat chilling feature, exactly as you describe. It did in fact allow me to keep the A/C lower, but there was just one problem. I had to get a piece of cloth to put under my ballsack, because although the rest of me was very comfortable, my ballsack was not.

I can only imagine a girl who likes to wear skirts and dresses that expose their bottomside to the seat would be pretty cold.

Perhaps if the seat allowed you to turn bottom cooling on or off, it would work better.

Carl Spackler said...

i can't believe you work at NREL. they were a client of mine! i used to sell software/hardware to the entire dept of energy.

if i remember correctly they have a big plant/facility in West VA and i think Pittsburgh.

are you familar with Argonne lab in Illinois? how about Oakridge in TN? i also had the NRC, BWX Pantex in Texas, Los Alamos, and several others.

slappy said...

Elizabeth: Hmm, instead of Princess and the Pea we could write Princess and the Climate Controlled Tush.

Nick: Heyo!

Booty: This is what happens when you drive without pants on.

Carl: Sadly, I don't work at NREL (when I wanted to apply they were getting fucked over in the budget), but I know some people out there. The only other one that I have contacts to you mentioned was Los Alamos.

West VA and Pittsburgh is NETL, they're the coal guys.

jamwall said...

Usually I just drive the car into my condo, open all the doors, turn on the ignition and turn on the AC full blast.

I was a little lightheaded and saw serious visions including a halo of light above me and me standing atop a mountain getting pelted with small pickles by nude women.

It was fucking radical.

miss kendra said...

sometimes i set the vents to blow AC right up my skirt, so i can't see how this would be unenjoyable.

slappy said...

Jammer: It sounds like you need more ventilation to get rid of the carbon monoxide. Or less ventilation. Really, however you want to play it.

Kendra: AC right up... I'm sorry, I'm lost my train of thought.