Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm so depressed

I figure everyone's heard the news, but I'll recap: OJ Simpson goes to Vegas, insanity follows, he gets arrested for theft, or attempted murder, or treason or something. It doesn't matter. You know what this means, right? 10 more years of Jay Leno OJ jokes. He only stopped doing OJ jokes a couple years ago, which probably weighed heavily on his decision to step down as host of the Tonight Show. I bet he stays on now that he has another decade of limp, uninspired material. This is like Groundhog Day only evil.

The only benefit is that if Conan stays on Late Night he won't have to sack the Masturbating Bear.



jamwall said...

Jay Leno's humor makes me urinate shards of glass.

B.E. Earl said...

Jay Leno is still around?

God it has been forever since I have watched that crap.

miss kendra said...

we watch cnn and work and they REPORTED how he was wearing a powder blue suit.

because that is NEWS.

Nick said...


slappy said...

Jammer: I think you should stop opening beer bottles by breaking off the neck.

Earl: I think so. Find an old person and ask them.

Kendra: I've always said the problem with the 24 hour news shows is that in a given day there's only 90 minutes of news, tops.

Nick: Cleavage.

Carl Spackler said...

is triumph the insult dog still around?

ps- i'm horny
pss- i hope jiggs and tasty continue with their 1919 video's despite the negative comments from youtube viewers. their videos bring joy and happiness to my otherwise sad and pathetic life.

Nick said...

Nice comeback. hey-o!