Sunday, September 02, 2007

College Football Roundup

In honor of the first college football weekend, I bring you three game reports. For the non-football-lovers out there, I'm sure Jiggs will post something good soon.

#1: Cal beats Tennessee, 45-31. Thank god. I don't have to listen to SEC fans babble on about the West Coast for a while. Ha, SEC. This time we won and we can read. That's two we got on you.

#2: Hawaii beats Northern Colorado 63-6. Sadly, I bet a dollar on the Rainbow Warriors to win by 59.5. I'm serious. They missed covering by a field goal. My first stupid college football wager of the season goes against me.

#3: Michigan loses, at home, to Appalachian State, 34-32. Appy State is the champion of 1-AA and Michigan was ranked #5 in 1-A. This isn't like Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson, this is like Jiggs knocking out Mike Tyson and then demanding that Mike make him some pancakes.


B.E. Earl said...

Loved the Cal game. How cool is DeSean Jackson?

Even better was watching the GameCast of the Michigan game. And in the Big House! Niiiiiice!

Carl Spackler said...

i thought it was a great opening weekend for college football. tomorrow nights Bowden Bowl should be interesting as well.

also, when you were in college did you watch the any games from Tight Wad Hill?

also, how about Kirk Herbstreit starting the day off in Blacksburg VA and then catching a cross country flight in order to do the GayBears/Volunteer game.

Scarlet Hip said...

Jiggs is ripped to shreds!

slappy said...

Earl: I look forward to seeing that blocked FG attempt for the next 20 years. A friend of mine is a big 1-AA fan and when he gets back from his camping trip he's going to wet himself with joy.

Carl: Never watched from the hill; game tickets were only $10 and most of the time you could be at the 50 yard line, six rows from the field.

I'm waiting for Lee Corso to paradrop onto the field for an evening game.

Scarlet: Why do you think the ladies love him so?

Übermilf said...

Since I hate hate HATE HATE Michigan and their overbearing fans, I am delighted to my ÜberCore.

slappy said...

Fascinating. Are you a Buckeye? Is it the more general Big Ten Michigan Hate? Or do you dislike Hail to the Victors?

jamwall said...

Ha ha! Michigan made some fucking pancakes!

..i got nothing..