Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This week in impotent rage

I spent my evening in Davis Square, a plaza in the Somerville region of Greater Boston Metro Clusterfuck. I split my time between reading a book and watching an impeachment rally. I will give credit to them that one sign read "Impeach Bush and Cheney," because anyone who advocates just impeaching Bush either never learned about presidential succession and Pyhrric victories, or else owns stock in Halliburton and real estate around Gitmo.

But it was still quite sad. There were only four people there holding signs for cars to honk in support. That was the whole protest. One elderly woman in a red, yellow and green striped dress that looked a bit like the flag of Ghana (without the star) was chanting alone and without any discernible pattern or cadence. Not even the other three protesters tried to join in.

And there was a guy filming this waste of time. Unless it was for the local broadcast of Douchebag News, that's just silly. The best part was that he had two of the guys stick around after the protest to dramatically reenact the unfurling of the signs.

Once he was satisfied with his footage commemorating the time four people stood around and quietly held signs for almost two hours, the square returned to the other traditional form of entertainment for college towns: endless bongo/flute/maraca instrumentals. And the honking returned to its normal state as douchebags informed other douchebags that the former disapproved of the latter's douchebag driving.


Tits McGee said...

We should totally meet for meat at Redbones sometime, Slappy.

Nick said...

nothing sadder than a four man protest.

miss kendra said...

i have tons of impotent rage.

i use it as an egg substitute.

Carl Spackler said...

DC has protests daily it seems. the best was last year when an angry farmer from NC decided to drive his John Deere tractor into the Reflecting Pool by the Washinton monument. i think he stayed there for 3 days before the capitol police threatened to shoot missiles at him.

jamwall said...

It really should say "Impeach Cheney." He's really the guy behind the scenes. As for George, he's had a solid 6.5 year vacation I would say. Thats even more vacation time then he was governor of Texas.

slappy said...

Tits: Yeah, and next time Kendra is in town we can have a big blog thing over cornbread.

Nick: Except perhaps the three man counter protest I was considering forming. It was probably going to be a non sequitir like "No to Impeachment, Yes to Legalizing Weed"

Kendra: Be sure to add some salt to the recipe or it won't turn out.

Carl: A tractor in the Reflecting Pool? That's liable to be a Gitmo offense now.

Jammer: But if you impeach Cheney, Bush has to find another VP. He'll have Cheney form a committee, the recommendation will be Cheney, and we'll have to impeach him again.