Friday, August 24, 2007

MacArthur ain't got nothing on me

I have returned. Jiggs, please stop crapping your pants. You hold the fort well. You are And for god's sake will someone do something about that smell?

The Jersey Shore was great. It rained a few of the days, but we had fun.

My fiancee's dad bought a boat last month. There is a distinct possibility that her inheritance will be in the form of a boat and a herd of alpacas. She can have a specialty ark. We took a little tour around the bay and did some crabbing. Crabbing is where you take a smelly-ass fish head, put it on a hook on a string, throw it overboard, and wait for a crab to start gnawing on it. Then you slowly lift it up while the crab thinks, "Man, this smelly-ass fish head sure is being pulled around by the current," and then you snag him in a net. I caught every single one of the crabs that afternoon. It may have only been a grand total of two crabs, but I caught them, dammit. They made a nice snack for someone.

Another highlight of the trip was an old-timey ice cream shop, possibly a shoppe, that had a player piano. While we were there it played Dancing Queen and Take a Chance on Me by Abba, and Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. We left before they could dig up Fat-Bottomed Girls. Ah, New Jersey.


miss kendra said...

you caught crabs in jersey.


Scarlet Hip said...

Exactly where were you? I think I may have seen you gallivanting around an ice cream parlor.

B.E. Earl said...

Ah...fat-bottomed girls.

They make the rockin' world go round, dontcha know.

slappy said...

Kendra: Big blue ones.

Scarlet: Barnegat Light on Long Beach Island. I was the guy eating an ice cream cone in a very suggestive manner.

Earl: That they do. They also like to ride their bicycles.