Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm so exhausted

How do you people post something every day? I'm not funny enough to do this! I can barely be funny once a week! The other six days I spend weeping openly.

Thankgoodness for blogger doing silly things like letting you click on things in your profile to see if other people share your interests, because it gave me something to post about today.

If you have never looked at my profile, this is what I have listed under interests music and books. Note the number in parentheses after each item.
* dixie cups (2)
* killing hobos (6)
* crochet (5800)

Favorite Music
* Fela Kuti (624)
* Rupert Holmes (18)

Favorite Books
* Communist Manifesto (262)
* Bible (29400)
* Atlas Shrugged (8200)
* Thus Spoke Zarathustra (487)
* The Pelican Brief (460)
That number represents the number of people that have that item in their profile (including me). Surprising as it may seem, more people are into killing hobos than dixie cups.

Even more surprising is that 18 people know who Rupert Holmes is (He's the pina colada song guy), and have listed him under favorite music. I wonder what percentage of that 18 knows if he is still alive, because I sure as hell don't.

Under books we find out that there are
  • 262 God-Hatin commies
  • 29400 God-Lovin republicans
  • 8200 people that are Ayn Randy for Ayn Rand
  • 487 people who claimed to have read Nietzsche, but really just want a giant creepy moustache ride
  • 460 sad sad people who have read exactly one book in their lives, with that book being John Grisham's "The Pelican Brief".
If Slappy is gone for another week, I swear, I'm going to gnaw off my leg!


Carl Spackler said...

have you heard that new song by Heidi Montag, that chick from the MTV show The Hill's. alot of people think its gay but i actually like it.

slappy said...

I'm back, and I brought some baking soda to try to help neutralize the smell.

Linda said...

Rupert Holmes is one of the best and most beloved writers on Broadway. His first Broadway show, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, won 5 Tonys and 8 Drama Desk Awards. His current show, CURTAINS, was nominated for 8 and won several Drama Desk Awards. He is currently working on 4 new shows. His first novel, Where the Truth Lies, was made into a movie starring Kevin Bacon and Collin Firth. His second novel, Swing, was a smash hit as well. Just wanted to fill you in on what Rupert Holmes has been doing since his Pina Colada days!

Ɯbermilf said...

I sense a David Soul-like fan base.

Careful what you say.

miss kendra said...

don't kill hobos! who will take care of all the innocent bindles???

TastyMcJ said...

I'm excited about the podcast where you gnaw off your own leg.

I call it "Explosion of Fun"!

But seriously. We need to film a podcast soon.

Those last surviving Peeps are starting to strut around like they own the place.

slappy said...

You could do Peep Jousting, and make large wagers. I want to see Jiggs holding a fistful of bills, screaming at the microwave.

Nick said...

I like the history of the day today. Implying that Yoko Ono broke up Pangea is the height of comedy.

Lee Ann said...

Why do you want to gnaw off your leg. I think there is much more pleasant things you can do! you understand RAID level 1, RAID controllers and other fun stuff like that?

Booty J Patrol said...

@Lee Ann: This should answer all your questions

Tits McGee said...

Don't gnaw off your leg, baby. Let me do it for you.

Spinning Girl said...

Ayn Rand makes me feel funny in my tickle place.

Scarlet Hip said...

I love this place.

Lee Ann said...

Booty, thanks! I had already looked it up. I just wondered if you guys could expand any on it!