Sunday, August 12, 2007

How I spent my weekend

My girlfriend and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Edward Hopper exhibit. He's the guy who painted a lot of really cool stuff about lonely people and dramatic lighting.

Sadly, we did not get to see the Dennis Hopper exhibit next door. He's the guy sprawled out in an alleyway doing amyl nitrate.

Also, we got engaged. Probably because I took her to see Edward Hopper and not Dennis Hopper.


B.E. Earl said...

Congrats on the engagement.

But imagine how cool it would have been to have had Dennis Hopper pop the question for ya.

Scarlet Hip said...

I hope there wasn't amyl nitrate involved in the the engagement.


Booty J Patrol said...

Dude. THIS is how I find out about your engagement? Well, what is done is done. Just promise me you won't make the mistake 4th hole made, and you'll make sure we're all free on the date you guys pick before you send the invitations.

Also, if you plan to elope, may I recommend Vegas. May I also remind you that you will need whitenesses, and one of my lifelong dreams is to be a whiteness at a Vegas wedding.

slappy said...

I felt it was apropos to tell the whole jiggsblog community at once. No animal is more equal than the others.

I promise that right after we get the schedule worked out with our parents, we'll run it by you. Then by our grandparents.

And Booty, whenever I think of whiteness, I think of you.

TastyMcJ said...

everybody loves nighthawks.

miss kendra said...


i also got engaged this weekend, albeit against my will, and to the urine-soaked homeless man on the corner outside kennedy's.

i'm sure you'll be much more happy.

Carl Spackler said...

you got engaged?!?! where did you pop the question? what was her response? can i plan the bachelor party?

i want to Miss Kendra to be my date.

Nick said...

But your family betrothed you to me! I even gave them a dowry of 12 goats.

You bastard.

jiggs said...

Marriage is spreading like a virus.

slappy said...

Thank you all.

Earl: I like to imagine that Hopper would use the rant from Apocalypse Now.

Scarlet: Nope. Completely sober decision. All the more remarkable.

Tasty: Iconic status, much like

Kendra: Dude, you got engaged to Dennis Hopper? Sweet.

Carl: In a park on the way home from a nice dinner. Yes. You can join the committee. It's up to Kendra, and apparently a urine-soaked Dennis Hopper.

Nick: Those weren't goats. They were old rags stuffed with newspapers painted to look like goats.

Jiggs: And I totally coughed on your coffee mug.

jamwall said...

Congrats on your engagement, but most chicks totally dig Dennis Hopper especially when he's got the nitrous oxide mask.

jiggs said...


slappy said...

Oh yes.

Nick said...

goats, rags - what's the difference?