Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Thursday

I don't have much to say. The sun is shining, we're getting barbecue tonight, it's almost football season, and life is good. Nothing really post-worthy. So here's a link to a spinoff for my movie reviews. We're testing out the collapsible post trick over there, which might help here when I get a little wordy (I am specifically referring to my classic Top 500 Lists).

Big thanks to Booty for making the java stuff work.

EDIT: Somehow the spinoff was set to private. That's been fixed.


Carl Spackler said...

how come i wasn't invited to look at your movie review blog?

that really hurts.

also, are your gayBears going to show up saturday night? if they lose this game there season is done...just like last year.

slappy said...

Actually... it's Golden Bears. Common mistake. I don't know how we'll do. Our QB isn't a rookie this year, which should help.

The season isn't done if we lose. Our season is about the Rose Bowl, and preseason doesn't count towards that.

Granted, it will cost us some respect, but who the hell respects Cal anyway?

Carl Spackler said...

have you found a local bar in boston where all the Cal fans hang out at?

B.E. Earl said...

The Omega Man rocked! But so did the Vincent Price version. Not so sure about the Fresh Prince version set to come out later this year.

He can't hang with Chuck!

Lilly said...

*ding dong* -- not ignoring you guys deliberatelty; just too flaming busy with work these time for blogging!!!

Lilly said...

Gez, my spelling is great today!

slappy said...

Carl: There is a bar, but I usually prefer being able to watch the game at home in my underwear.

Earl: I sure hope that there's a lot of mainstream urban catchphrases in the Fresh Prince version. Or at least a DJ Jazzy Jeff cameo.

Lilly: Welcome back, stranger. You need a vacation. I suggest Berkeley. Jiggs will give you a footrub while Tasty feeds you grapes.

Lilly said...

Slappy, I am on my way! You've given me an offer I cannot resist! ;-P