Saturday, July 14, 2007

What does your favorite team say about you?

Boston Red Sox
"I have many deep psychological problems."

New York Yankees/Dallas Cowboys
"I used to be a professional puppy kicker, but I felt I wasn't despised enough."

Tampa Bay Devil Rays
"I am a compulsive liar."

Chicago Cubs
"I am a giant masochist."

Cal Bears
"I am a giant masochist, and I dabble in socialism too. See? I voted for Nader twice."

Oakland Raiders
"GWAR rocks!"

San Francisco 49ers
"Man, weren't the 1980s a great decade? Crank up that Duran Duran, baby!"

Chicago Bears
"I can eat half my weight in Polish sausage."

Green Bay Packers
"I can eat half my weight in bratwurst."

Philadelphia Eagles/Flyers/Phillies/Sixers
"If we go out to a bar, there is a high probability that you will be stabbed."


B.E. Earl said...

What does being a Kansas City A's fan say about somebody? That they have been in a coma since the mid-80's?

brookelina said...

I'm a Packers fan.

Shut up.

slappy said...

Earl: It says you went into a coma more recently than the Philadelphia A's fan.

Brookie: I'm just saying that if you walk down State Street in Madison, you're going to see a lot of bratwurst. I'm just saying.

jamwall said...

Us Minnesota Vikings fans belong in the masochistic category.

Or self-mutilators who enjoy extreme nipple torture.

slappy said...

So that's what those horned helmets are for...

Plus it's the only fan base I know of with big burly guys wearing blonde pigtail wigs.

Nick said...

This post wasn't as funny as it could have been.

Carl Spackler said...

your comment about the philly teams are so true. that town, its fans and its teams all suck.

as a native of long island (NY) i like the Met/Knicks/Jets/Islanders.

as oppose to the other half that likes the Yanks/Knicks/Giants/Rangers.

Tits McGee said...

It's true! I do have deep psychological problems!