Friday, July 06, 2007

What do we want? BRAINS! When do we want them? BRAINS!

Ever since this past weekend when I got sick, I have been making my own fun little drug cocktails. Generic claritin to block my histamines, mucinex to thin out my mucous, ibuprofen to make me a little less achy, crystal meth to alleviate my boredom and erase my sorrows, and other assorted ingredients ranging from Jim Beam* to brown shoe polish**.

Regardless of how I choose to combine my drugs, be it in a designer cocktail or an all-in-one wonder, I always end up feeling dazed, almost to the point of zombietude.

Granted, I have a total bush league illness here, but I feel entitled to whine about it. As an American on our nation's birthday, do I not have a right to complain? Is that not what Patrick Henry got on his knees and begged King George for?

Also, I saw Live Free or Die Hard today. It was totally fucking awesome. And just imagine how much I would have liked it it I wasn't a zombie.

*to quench my thirst
**to improve my polish situation


jamwall said...

I've been going on Nyquil Dayquil binges the last couple of days because of my ailment. I'm merely a zombie with a cough right now.

Nick said...

John McClane would kick your cold's ass.

slappy said...

If you mix DayQuil and NyQuil you run a significant risk of turning your body into a substanceless creation of pure light.

Or at least thinking you did.

Ɯbermilf said...

You need some chicken soup and wholesome values.

amera hearts said...

omg. i effing loved the die hard movie. i can't believe i forgot to blog about it. live free or die hard rocked!

i hope you feel better. there is a pic on my myspace that might make you laugh if you feel up to it!


miss kendra said...

i am so JEALZ of your livefreeordiehard experience.

and nick is SO right. john mcclane would kick your cold's ass and then send it down an elevator shaft.. because the rest of the bacteria/viruses have some learnin' to do, and he's about to skool them.

TastyMcJ said...

The Tussin, The Tussin!

I've been on Tussin CF (cough and cold formula)rather than dayquil for the past day or so..

I am also achy, but I like to revel in the pain.

And I like saying Tussin.

And Die Hard also rocked several and a half balls

amera hearts said...

and then he'd say, "yippee-ki-ya mother effing virus".

Lee Ann said...

Hope you feel better Jiggsy!
Don't forget the benefits of whip cream in a can!